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Automotive Marketing, Inc. makes it easy to find the suggested retail prices on your Volkswagen Cars whether it a new or used Volkswagen Cars and to buy online via our partnership with the Dealix, Inc.

Dealix was established in 1995 and have one of the largest accredited dealer networks of over 5,000 dealers located in every state we chose Dealix over some of their direct competitors as we felt they have the best customer service, largest dealer network and most up to date listing of Volkswagen Cars dealers in the USA.

Our site features a comprehensive list of Volkswagen Cars automobiles we make it easy to buy a new car, regardless of the model whether it a Volkswagen Cars USA certified for sale in the United States or elsewhere. We offer the following detailed information for Volkswagen Cars automobiles:

  • Access to published MSRP via our web site and Holdback dealer discounts.
  • Detailed specifications and reviews for all popular makes and models of Volkswagen Cars.

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Online Purchasing Guide:

First, use our MSRP information to understand what the base price would be for your vehicle.

Second, use our instant price quote button or click through any hyperlink to the Invoicedealers web site to fill out a free up front quote request form or to do more research.

Third, wait for an accredited Dealix dealer to contact with a price quote.

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Terms Defined
  • MSRP: Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price. This is the actual price that is typically attached to the car via a sticker on the window.
  • Invoice: This is an invoice provided by the manufacturer that is not actual Base Cost. Invoices have a hidden fee or "Holdback" that equals a percentage of the MSRP or Invoice price.
  • Shipping: The fee charged for transporting the vehicle to the dealer from the manufacturer. This charge is to be passed on to the buyer without any markup.
  • Hold Back: This is a non-published pricing promotion (discount) that is given back to the dealer at the conclusion of a sale of a vehicle.
  • Final Cost: This is derived by adding shipping to the invoice amount and subtracting any rebates and hold back.

Automotive Marketing, Inc. utilizes information from third parties to derive suggested retail prices and
other information. We cannot make any guaranties or warranties (implied or expressed) regarding pricing
information/date contained on our web site.
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